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Various Features Of The Photographic Package

- Oct 31, 2017 -

1. Single Shoulder bag: This kind of package advantage collocation equipment is more flexible, but the disadvantage burdened too much equipment when shoulder will be more uncomfortable.

2. Shoulder bag: Generally speaking, the burden of the body will be smaller when using the double shoulder bag, but it is not very convenient to take the equipment.

3. Messenger bag: This kind of photographic bag is the last two years before the popular products, generally speaking to small and medium-sized, stylish and beautiful, is the pursuit of various style of the first choice of young photographers.

4. Purse and Triangle Bag: The two kinds of photographic package, the former popular reason perhaps because the waist is relatively comfortable and pick up equipment is very convenient. The latter may be popular because it is more portable when combined with a single mirror.

5. Small digital Camera bag: This kind of product is often a lot of variety, many people think that for a small DC and buy a value is not much cheaper than the large photo package products are not very cost-effective, but actually small DC this petite products need a safe home.

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