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Mummy Bag Basic Classification

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Mummy bag can be roughly divided into single shoulder, double shoulder, messenger bag and hand four categories.

1. Single shoulder is suitable for the mother and child short time shallow outdoor, shoulder the main advantage is to liberate the hands, make mother more convenient to take care of the baby.

2. Double shoulder for the mother and child long time deep outdoor activities, for example: the whole family travel more than a day, double shoulder is mainly the weight of the average distribution in the shoulders, reduce the sense of weight.

3. Messenger bag is not only suitable for mother back, also very suitable for Dad to back, natural and free back method, very stylish and convenient.

4. Mobile Suit fashionable mother, the tide mom takes the baby to go shopping, make mother is convenient and fashionable.

In addition, the double shoulder mummy package capacity, can meet the mother and child long time out of demand, hand bags in the mummy bag accounted for a small proportion, because of its occupation of mother to take care of the baby's hands.

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