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Luggage Samples Good Or Bad Identification

- Oct 31, 2017 -

How to distinguish the quality of luggage samples? If the quality of luggage samples is too poor, will inevitably damage the image of the enterprise itself, resulting in extremely significant losses, therefore, in custom-made gift bags, we must pay attention to the quality of sample bags, considering the weight, size, convenience, safety and other factors, to avoid the production of substandard gift bags.

Detail one: The bag sample carries on the thorough inspection, the bag sample appearance should form full, the arc natural, pastes clothes, neat and clean, before and after big face without the disability.

Detail two: Pay attention to the work of sample bags, can be seen from the stitching line traces of product quality, high-quality luggage stitching should be up and down, line trace straight, needle distance consistent, no empty needles, leakage needle.

Detail three: Should carefully check the luggage samples on the application of the quality of accessories, generally speaking, the accessories should be bright without rust residue, no burr, no peeling off the skin and other phenomena, in addition, luggage samples within the structure of the division is reasonable and convenient.

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