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A Good Schoolbag Should Look And Work Both

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Good bag to look and work both: association Introduction, the main reasons for the problem of the sample knapsack in the comparative test include the suture problem and the problem with the loop, the connecting part, the concrete performance is the strap, the lifting and the stitching is not firm, or the connecting belt loop is too narrow, too thin or connected.

When choosing a backpack, the public should try to choose the normal channel to buy the complete and packaged backpack, and pay attention to check the product's trademark, name, specification model, execution standard, manufacturer's or distributor's name and address and fabric.

Focus on the appearance and work of the backpack, as far as possible to select the back with soft elastic cushion to support the backpack, and the straps wider and fill the buffer, such a backpack back up more comfortable, in addition, after the purchase should be asked for invoices, retained shopping vouchers.

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