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Why do school bags have broad straps?

- May 17, 2018 -


4 points for purchasing school bags

1, the schoolbag should be light

No matter what the brand of school bags, the material should be light is the first point, the pupils carry more books and items, in order to avoid the primary school pupils increase the load, the schoolbag should try to choose lightweight material, such as the use of zipper school bags, much lighter than the cortex . In addition, you should avoid too many metal buckles in the schoolbags, because too many metal parts will increase the weight of the schoolbags, but it may also cause harm to the lower back.

2, shoulder straps should be wide

Shoulder straps should be wide, which can help reduce the pressure on the shoulder bag caused by the bag, and can evenly disperse the weight of the bag. The shoulder straps with cushions can reduce the strain caused by the bag on the trapezius, if the straps When you are young, trapezius muscles can feel fatigued.

3, school bag with a fixed strap

There are straps on the straps of the schoolbags to prevent the straps from falling off. In addition, the students are more active and have fixed straps. The schoolbags will not tamper with.

4, equipped with a belt

Good brands are generally equipped with belts. The use of a belt allows the bag to be placed closer to the back and the weight of the bag is evenly unloaded over the waist and the rim. And the belt can fix the bag on the waist to prevent the bag from swinging and reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulders.

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