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What are shopping bag?

- Jan 21, 2018 -

Custom Laminated Tote BagShopping tote bag advertisement can use the limited area of the bag body, to spread the market information of enterprise or product service to the world. When customers carry shopping tote bags printed with store advertisements, walking through the streets and alleys, actually some exquisite handbags are no less than making an excellent advertising signboard, and the cost is relatively low.

Shopping tote bag is designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets, shopping malls to facilitate consumer shopping, the purchase of goods transported home, linked with the feelings of consumers and design a dedicated handbag. This kind of handbag uses the plastic material more, it is compared with other handbag, the structure, the material is more solid can accommodate more items, and the cost is cheap. Shopping tote bag on the visual factors, mainly by the shopping place specific publicity form (standard, mascot, special graphics, special image, etc.), highlighting the image of supermarkets, shopping malls, conveying the information of shopping places.

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