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Student Package Fabric Selection

- Oct 31, 2017 -

1. Plastic. Plastic bags are commonly used in the material varieties, used for hot-pressing molding of the box parts, is the main material of the travel box, not only colorful, but also very good use of performance.

2. Natural leather materials. Natural leather material is a variety of animal skins, natural leather appearance elegant and generous, soft and plump, product durability, well received by users.

3. Synthetic leather and synthetic leather. The appearance of artificial leather is similar to natural leather, and the price is low, the variety of varieties, has been in industrial and agricultural production and people's lives in a lot of use.

4. Fiber cloth (fabric). Fabric in bags can be used in both fabrics, can also be used in the lining part, applied to the fabric not only colorful colors, but also the use of very good performance.

5. Artificial fur. With the development of textile technology, artificial fur has a great development, artificial fur has a natural fur appearance, and inexpensive easy to keep, in terms of performance and natural fur approach.

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