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School Rolling Backpack

- Jan 07, 2018 -

To the child's schoolbag "burden" has always been a topic of public concern, you know how the school bag is the most suitable? The weight of backpacks is best not to exceed 10% of backpackers ' weight, according to an article in Life magazine. The American Physiotherapy Association, through a study of 9-year students, suggests that heavy backpacks and faulty backpacks can lead to back injury and muscle fatigue in adolescents.

Roller Backpack For SchoolAt the same time, muscles may be fatigued by extreme stress, and their necks, shoulders and backs are vulnerable. If the schoolbag weighs more than 10%-15% of the backpack's weight, the damage to the body will multiply. As a result, she recommends that the weight of the backpack be controlled below 10% of the backpacker's weight. The American Physiotherapy Association advises children to use double shoulder backpacks as much as possible. Experts say the dual-shoulder approach can spread the weight of the backpack, reducing the likelihood of a distorted shape.In addition, the trolley bag is a good choice for younger students, because the senior students in the United States need to go up and down the classroom frequently, while the junior students do not have these problems. In addition, it is also important to properly place the items in the bag, the heaviest items placed close to the back position.

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