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Introduction of Outdoor Backpack classification

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Outdoor Backpack Climbing Category: For the high altitude mountain snow rock terrain climbing use, the main features of the backpack rugged wear-resistant waterproof, compact structure design, easy to put items, external set up professional and carry a solid and so on.

Outdoor Backpack Hiking Category: Hiking category is divided into a day hiking backpack and days hiking backpack, a day hiking needs 18 liters around 35 liters of capacity of the backpack, for several days will need 35 liters around-45 liters around the backpack.

Outdoor backpack Ice and snow category: For ice and snow sports, the main features of the backpack rugged wear-resistant, lightweight structure, simple to bear the structure, such as strong, and so on, there are special skis and other ski equipment bondage fixed settings.

Outdoor Backpack rides: for road and off-road cycling. The main features of the backpack structure is compact, portable comfortable and convenient, such as external bondage, there is a helmet plug-in or built-in settings.

Outdoor Backpack Leisure Category: For outdoor leisure, general tourism or daily use: The main features of the structure is simple, lightweight portable, reasonable isolation settings.

Outdoor backpack Running class: Running backpack is used for daily running and cross-country running of the special backpack, its main features are simple and compact structure, small backpack capacity, carrying light ventilation and so on.

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