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how to wash school bag?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

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1. Before washing the school bag soak in the water (water temperature 30 degrees below, soak time within 10 minutes advisable), can make the water into the fiber, first remove water-soluble dirt, so that the school bag in the cleaning can reduce lotion dosage, to achieve better washing effect;

2.ESQ are environmentally friendly hand-dyed products, cleaning a slight fade to normal phenomenon, dark fabric please separate washing to avoid polluting other clothing, do not use containing (bleach, fluorescent agent, phosphorus) detergent, easy to damage cotton fiber;

3. Do not hand-wring the bag after washing, hand twist bag easy deformation, can not be used brush directly scrub, can be directly to the water naturally drip to dry, shake a natural to dry, to avoid the sun, because the ultraviolet light is easy to cause fade, the use of natural dry way, do not dry.

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