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Backpack Cleaning method

- Oct 31, 2017 -

If you are too dirty, use a neutral cleanser to clean your backpack and then dry it in a cool place, but to avoid exposure too long, because ultraviolet rays will hurt nylon Bukiang process still need to pay attention to basic maintenance, the backpack was cut to be immediately patched to choose a thicker needle sewing is specialized sewing cushion should be sewn, nylon line can be roasted broken, the specific method as follows:

1. Use a small brush to brush the topsoil clean, suitable for only floating backpack.

2. Use a soft towel to wipe water, then dry, suitable for a common stain (such as mud) of the backpack.

3. Soak in a large bowl for a few days, rinse again and apply to a more dirty backpack.

4. Remove the system with the washing machine, suitable for a neat lazy person.

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